Claudine Maloles

Claudine Maloles is a fourth-year student at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) majoring in Child Development and will be graduating Spring 2021. She has joined the Child Language Interactions and Memory Lab (CLIaM) in Fall 2019, and this year she is lab coordinator. Claudine loves interacting and learning about children’s behavior because they are always changing which makes children the most interesting to study. In her first year at CLIaM lab, Claudine has learned practical research skills such as data collecting, where she recruited family participants at the aquarium and conducted systematic observation on family smartphone practices and engagement in the aquarium exhibit. Claudine completed a full study with colleagues where they transcribed, coded data, and presented for UROP symposium. This year, as lab coordinator, Claudine will oversee the high impact practices (HIPs) survey data collection with Dr. Kelly.  She will be guiding research interns on this project and provide feedback/support when needed. Claudine ‘s three years of research experience with Dr. Kim Kelly and Dr. Risto Moisio will position her well for graduate studies in Early Childhood Development. Her interest and direct work in research inspired her to pursue her current position as a Behavioral Therapist where she teaches/guides children with developmental disabilities. Claudine also mentors incoming honor freshmen and transfer students under the CSULB Honors Program. When she has free time she enjoys studying astrology and playing multiple instruments.