Danielle Phan

DaniellepicDanielle Phan is currently a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child Development and Family Studies (CDFS) at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Danielle is a new lab member joining Dr. Kimberly Kelly’s Child Language Interactions and Memory (CLIaM) lab in Spring 2023. This is her first semester as a research assistant, and she is excited to gain experience that will prepare her for graduate school. During her time, Danielle will be working on her University Honors Thesis that will focus on children’s emotional learning in informal science learning. This topic was prompted by Dr. Kelly’s study on parent-child conversations at an aquariums and Danielle is excited to analyze said data for her thesis project. She also hopes to improve her research skills through analyzing data, efficiently dissecting research articles and presenting at research conferences. Danielle became interested in this lab when she learned about its focus on family interactions and child memory because she has a passion for helping children. In fact, she plans to graduate in the Fall of 2023 and pursue a career in pediatric occupational therapy (OT) or pediatric speech therapy. Participating in this lab will prepare Danielle for the field of OT as it requires teaching children and understanding nuances that can impact their learning. Danielle is passionate about helping individuals at an early age because she believes that we can combat their learning disabilities or mental health issues sooner and give them more opportunities to develop into empathetic individuals that can achieve their goals. Outside of the lab, Danielle works for CSULB’s Project OCEAN, which is an organization that strives to destigmatize mental health on campus, provide connection spaces for peers, and train students on suicide prevention. In her free time, Danielle loves going to concerts, thrifting, and trying new foods with friends.