Natalie George

Natalie George is currently a senior at California State University Long Beach (CSULB) majoring in Psychology and will be graduating in Spring 2022. This is her first semester as a research assistant in Dr. Kimberly Kelly’s Child Language Interactions and Memory Lab (CLIaM). Natalie became interested in research after taking an intermediate statistics course at CSULB and was intrigued by data analysis. She hopes to gain a deeper understanding of data analysis as well as other research skills such as data collecting, coding, and literature reviews. So far in the lab, Natalie has anonymized transcripts that were recorded between parent and child as part of an ongoing project. She has also learned how to properly name and archive research articles using the citation software Mendeley. Natalie is helping her fellow RA’s complete a research poster which investigates the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on student internship participation and outcomes. The poster will be presented at the 2022 Western Psychological Association (WPA) annual convention. She was drawn to CLIaM Lab because of the research being performed on language and narrative development in children. Natalie has always loved working with children and is currently focused on working with children with special needs and disabilities. Besides working as a research assistant in CLIaM lab, she is also participating in other research experiences such as the Office of Undergraduate Research Services Connects program (OURS Connects) at CSULB. This program has paired her with a Peer Advisor that will be guiding her throughout the research process, as well as supporting her in achieving the OURS Connects research certificate. Natalie hopes her participation in OURS Connects will advance her professional development as well as increase her knowledge of research ethics and practices. She is currently working as a Behavioral Technician (BT) at elementary and middle schools providing support for kids with autism. As a BT she utilizes ABA principles that seek to understand the function of certain behaviors and their consequences. She also helps her clients improve their social skills, life skills, as well as language and communication skills. In the future, she hopes to attend graduate school and earn her MS in School Psychology so she can continue to support children and help them thrive. In her free time, Natalie loves to read, take dance classes, walk her dogs, and play with her two nephews.