Savannah Neves

Savannah Neves is a returning lab member from Spring 2021 and she is continuing Dr. Kimberly Kelly’s Child Language Interactions and Memory (CLIaM) research lab to further her research experience in preparation for her future. Savannah graduated from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) with a major in Human Development and two minors in Psychology and Sociology in Spring 2021. In her first year at CLIaM Lab and first time working with research, Savannah learned a variety of research skills by participating in data coding, data analysis and reading/analyzing literature reviews. Savannah gained many other skills such as professionalism, communication, public speaking and creativity through individual and collaborative work. She attended and helped create visuals for the AERA and SRCD research conferences, as well as worked jointly with her fellow lab members to create a CLA and CHHS report from high impact practices (HIPs) data collected from a survey administrated by CLIaM Lab. CLIaM Lab is an amazing learning opportunity for Savannah to help prepare for PhD school due to the variety of opportunities given to her. Savannah is currently applying for PhD school to continue her educational career to later become a psychiatrist. She has a passion for helping others and strives to make a positive and ever-lasting impact on people’s lives. In Savannah’s free time, she enjoys reading lifestyle books and exploring new popular food spots with her friends.