Savannah Neves

Savannah Neves is a research intern at the Child Language Interactions and Memory (CLIaM) research lab. Savannah is graduating from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) this Spring 2021 with a major in Human Development and two minors in Psychology and Sociology. This is her first year interning with the CLIaM research lab. She decided to apply for this internship because she has a passion for research and hopes to complete some of her own in the future. She wants to expand her knowledge of research analysis, production, and methods, such as learning more about data coding and improving her public speaking skills. Savannah wants to explore parent and child interactions and how that effected their child development and is one of the main reasons she chose CLlaM Lab. After graduating, Savannah plans to apply for the Master’s of Arts in Psychological Research (MAPR) program at CSULB. She feels as though the MAPR is perfectly suited for her because it will help her better understand psychology literature, applied research designs, and techniques to improve her overall professional performance. In the future, she wants to do research on mental health disorders with children to find treatments and ways to help those in need. Savannah has volunteered at many organizations, such as the Dream Catcher in LA (DCLA). DCLA uses therapeutic horseback riding as being a mechanism to improve the overall well-being of people with cerebral palsy, and others with mental and/or physical complications. Along with this internship, Savannah interns at the SmART Start program at Stevenson Elementary School as an art teacher’s assistant to help students have fun and exciting school experiences. Savannah has years of experience working with kids in her community and wants to continue her work with children and apply what she has learned to her future career. Her dream job is to become a psychiatrist and be someone who leaves an everlasting and positive change to a person’s life. In Savannah’s free time, she enjoys reading lifestyle books and playing volleyball with her friends and family.