Victoria Min

Victoria Min is a freshman pre-majoring in Health-Science with an emphasis on Community Health Education at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). She is a part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), a program available to 1st and 2nd years designed to introduce research as a potential career. Victoria decided to serve as a research assistant in Dr. Kelly’s Child Language Interactions and Memory Lab (CLIaM) to acquire information about research methods including reading literary articles, transcribing transcripts, and collaborative efforts. She has prior experience at the Aquarium of the Pacific with communicating with adolescence and observing first-hand interactions among parents with their children. Victoria’s efforts are combined with CLIaM’s current research which have an emphasis on parent-child interactions within an informal learning setting, and her goal is to clarify creating connections within her community with this knowledge. During her time as an undergraduate student, Victoria continues to focus honing her skills interpreting important texts and working on a team. After graduating, her plans consist of applying these new skills to a research project of her own with a focus of conveying ideas on community and national levels. Her time is also spent volunteering with the American Red Cross in Long Beach, where she interacts with people from all aspects of life to prepare their communities in case of disaster. When Victoria is not working in the lab, her time is spent on reading comics and novels, completing Sudoku, and enjoying time with loved ones.