Leela Salary

LeelaCLIaMpicLeela Salary is currently a junior at California State University Long Beach (CSULB) and is majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology/Physiology with a minor in Chemistry. This is her first semester as a research assistant in Dr. Kimberly Kelly’s Child Language Interactions and Memory (CLIaM) lab. Her interest in joining CLIaM lab stems from her interest in studying the development of children as she plans to work with families as a genetic counselor in her future. She hopes that working in the CLIaM lab will help her build important data analysis, comprehension, and time management skills. The CLIaM lab will also help provide valuable experience in an area of research, as Leela applies to graduate school next year. She hopes to earn her Master of Science (ScM) in Genetic Counseling, with a specialization in prenatal and family counseling. Leela also volunteers with Crisis Text Line as a campus advocate and crisis counselor. As a campus advocate, Leela spreads awareness about mental health and provides resources for those who may be seeking mental health education or guidance. In her free time, Leela enjoys spending time with family, taking Pilates classes, and cooking.