Kelly Caulfield

As a research assistant in the CLIaM lab, I was granted a number of useful experiences. Being part of the lab was an excellent way to demonstrate my academic knowledge gleaned from a handful of disciplines, such as Human Development, Psychology, and Linguistics. Additionally, I was able to hone several skill sets relevant to the field of research. One notable skill set is public speaking, which I was able to build upon by presenting a research proposal of my own design at CSULB’s Student Research Competition in front of a few esteemed faculty judges within the social sciences. It was under the mentorship of Dr. Kelly, as well as the guidance and support of my fellow lab members that truly made this year-long opportunity one of the fondest of my undergraduate career. As a recent graduate preparing for a doctorate degree in order to pursue a career path which draws heavily upon research, I can say with confidence that my time spent working in the CLIaM lab has been invaluable.

Famela Phal

Under Dr. Kelly’s guidance, I was able to discover the true essence of seeking information. I now enjoy reading scholarly articles and studies related to child development. From there, I soon discovered my passion for children, especially various influential factors that can affect their social and psychological well-being. By taking part in the child language interactions and memory lab (CLIaM lab), I was able to witness personal-growth; I developed skills in communication, time management, critical-thinking, research and so much more. As I look back, I would say my biggest accomplishment as a research assistant was the ability to present an original study to peers and professors. I truly encourage those who are interested in joining the lab to do so. It is a great opportunity for those who are eager to learn.

Holly Hernandez

Becoming a research assistant in the CLIaM lab is one of the best decisions you can make as an undergraduate student. Dr. Kelly is the perfect mentor, and really listens to what you’re looking to gain from your experience as a member of her lab. As a research assistant, I have acquired valuable hands-on research experience in a setting that mimics a real-life professional environment. Specifically, I have greatly improved upon my APA writing, editing, and data-analysis skills. I would advise future lab members to stay curious even when the study results are in, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your name on a professional published research poster/paper.

Samantha Brekke

I really enjoyed working in Dr. Kelly’s research lab. She is a great mentor and her lab was not only professional, but fun and laid-back as well. I worked on a variety of tasks that contributed greatly to my knowledge of how research is conducted. I most enjoyed working on the research poster that was submitted to the Western Psychological Association. My advice to future lab members would be to ask lots of questions and be prepared to learn a lot!

Lena Zumbrunn

Working as a member of the CLIaM Research Lab with Dr. Kelly and the other research assistants allowed me to apply knowledge acquired within my major (human development) in a comfortable environment. I really enjoyed working with the research group and am glad that I chose to compliment my degree with this experience. With this research opportunity, I was also able to refine skills that will continue to be valuable to future work environments like; team leadership, communication, presentation, research methods, and critical analysis skills.

Geneva Austin

I have learned so much about the process of research in the CLIaM lab. I enjoyed learning how to analyze and convert files into LIWC and SPSS format. I also enjoyed the experience of creating my own research while in this lab. It was a great opportunity. I would advise future lab members to never be scared to ask questions. If you’re confused about anything feel free to talk to the faculty because they are here to teach you.

Heather V. Dayag

As a Laboratory Coordinator and Research Assistant, Dr. Kelly’s CLIaM Lab has allowed me to develop my leadership and professional skills. Collaborating with Dr. Kelly since August 2013, I gained knowledge in the development and management process of producing high-quality research. Dr. Kelly is a wonderful mentor, she provides challenging tasks which have allowed me to increase my creativity and generate alternative solutions in problem solving. Through independent study, I learned a significant amount by conducting quantitative and qualitative data analysis through manipulating LIWC software and literature reviews. Working along with a team of research assistants, we were able to provide support for each other in maintaining the flow of projects. It is a fascinating experience to become involved in Dr. Kelly’s research, I found it to be a great way to practice discussing theoretical and methodological ideas in Human Development by applying to real-life scenarios. I am looking forward to what the future brings, as I continue research at the CLIaM Lab as a Graduate Student at CSU Long Beach.
Stephanie Pantoja
My time in Dr. Kelly’s CLIaM Lab has been the most memorable and rewarding during my undergrad at Cal State Long Beach. Although it began in the middle of a global pandemic and took place over Zoom, I learned so much over two semesters. Dr. Kelly is a great mentor because she makes her student’s learning a priority, by assigning the students tasks that align with their goals. One of my goals was to practice my research skills, and over the past year, I’ve distributed surveys, coded transcripts, and analyzed data using statistical software like SPSS. Dr. Kelly showed trust in our abilities as her research assistants by always challenging us to do our best with increasingly difficult work. For example, I honed my leadership skills when I was responsible for leading a team on a project, despite having limited leadership experience. Collaborating with the other lab members as a team and leaning on each other for support was a defining characteristic of my experience in CLIaM lab. It was amazing working with such talented and driven students because it made me think outside the box and inspired me to dream bigger. Being a part of CLIaM lab has helped me both personally and professionally, and I feel more confident than ever about my post-graduate plans. If you get the opportunity to work in Dr. Kelly’s lab, don’t miss out!



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