Xiomara Barillas


Xiomara Barillas is a first-generation, second-year student majoring in Biology Molecular Cell/Physiology. This is her first year working with Dr. Kim Kelly in the Child Language Interactions and Memory (CLIaM) lab. She joined CLIaM lab to further her professional research experience and discover how children learn about STEM through informal learning environments.  Her siblings have inspired her to further research on child learning. Through CLIaM lab, she hopes to learn prioritization skills and time management. She hopes to later get involved in a bioscience research lab, which will contribute to her professional growth within the field of study that she is interested in. In the future, Xiomara plans to attend dentistry or medical school. Xiomara participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) symposium in the Spring of 2022, where she presented a research project called “Recognizing Refugees in Central America” alongside Dr. Caitlin Fourrat. Xiomara plans to apply the reading, listening, and coding skills she gained from her previous lab experience toward the CLIaM lab. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, watch shows, go shopping, spend time with friends, and try out cooking and baking recipes she finds online.